The water looks wet. Lights glow, the air seems gentle, and the flowers are almost fragrant. On canvas. To experience a Jim Miller oil painting is to venture into the setting, to get some on you, to know that you have been there—where he was—in creating it. To Miller, art is life expressed—reproduced, represented, revealed—by one who not only sees it for what it is, but can manifest it. He is an artist who knows what it is about the beauty of nature that moves him and then recreates it on canvas.

Jim MillerMiller is at times an impressionist, a realist, a naturalist, a pointillist—mostly because his ability has surpassed technique to grant him the facility to utilize whichever style of medium best suits the image and convey the emotion that motivates him to paint such beautiful paintings.

Miller received his bachelor’s degree in art from California State University in Los Angeles, before going on to achieve a second art degree from the Art Center College of Design, then also located in Los Angeles. Though he immediately entered the world of commercial art, he knew it was his destiny to some day paint fine art.

Upon his move to Carmel, Miller eased into the art community through Zantman Galleries. Yet within six months, he had opened his own namesake atelier—a combination studio and gallery where the artist is able to produce his work and interact with the public in the purveying of his art.

The Jim Miller Gallery is located on Ocean Avenue and Dolores Street in Carmel, California, where you will likely find the artist engaging in art. ….. By Lisa Crawford Watson.

Miller has developed a painting style which gives a sharp, yet atmospheric quality that is both realistic and dimensional….. by Terri Vandercook.

The Jim Miller Gallery has been exclusively showing the work of Jim Miller for over 30 years.

Mr. Miller has been honing his craft for over 45 years and feels honored that his work has been purchased over the years by a multitude of diverse clients and organizations from around the world.